Cars grow more advanced as the years go on, and each new batch of vehicles offers exciting new ways to help keep passengers safe. Of course, the Volvo lineup is no stranger to advanced safety features. After all, Volvo was the first automaker to come up with the three-point seatbelt that has saved more than a million lives, and they gave away the patent to help ensure the safety of everyone on the road regardless of what kind of vehicle they drove.

This dedication to safety has only strengthened since then, so you can find a host of other cutting-edge safety features when you explore new Volvo vehicles.

So, what kinds of advanced safety features are available on more recent models? Here's a quick look:

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature helps to take some of the fatigue out of your driving experience by making it easier to maintain a constant speed on long trips. The difference between adaptive cruise control and regular cruise control is that adaptive cruise control can automatically adjust your speed to help you stay at a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

If this system detects that you have inadvertently crossed lane markings and strayed into the path of oncoming traffic, it alerts you with an audible warning. The system also nudges your steering wheel to help you stay in your lane. This feature can help you avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles.

Cross Traffic Alert with Autobrake

This system senses if oncoming vehicles are about to pass behind you when you try to reverse out of a parking spot. It can also sense pedestrians and cyclists at shorter distances to help you avoid parking lot mishaps.

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