Spring is in full swing, the weather is warming, and summer is right around the corner. And for many San Leandro families, that means road trip time is almost here. Road trips are exciting and adventurous, but an untimely vehicle issue can quickly put a damper on the fun. Fortunately, these preventative maintenance items for your Volvo car, SUV, or wagon are easy and can ensure a smooth, safe, and successful journey:

  1. Oil and Filter Change: Oil changes are the cornerstone of any adequate maintenance plan. Oil lubricates fast-moving parts, keeps the engine operating at a safe temperature, and removes contaminants like soot, dust, and tiny metal shavings, via the filter. Hot weather and heavy driving conditions can shorten your oil's lifespan. Before you head off, give your engine a fresh start by changing out the oil and filter.

  2. Check Tire Pressure and Condition: Proper tire pressure ensures maximum rolling efficiency and control. You can view the recommended tire pressure for your specific model in the owner's manual or the placard inside the driver's door. (Do not use the number on the tire itself, as that is only its maximum limit). To ensure you have adequate tread, take a penny and insert it "headfirst" into the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, a replacement is due.

  3. Test Your Battery: To minimize the likelihood of getting stranded, have your battery tested. Batteries can last from three to five years or longer, but verifying its health is easy to do at any Volvo service center.

  4. Check A/C: Summertime means heat and lots of it. If you haven't had your A/C serviced in a while, now is a perfect time to have it tested and recharged if necessary.

  5. Change Wipers Blades: Old and brittle wiper blades are ineffective and can be a liability in heavy rain. Ensure maximum water clearance with a fresh pair this spring.

  6. Other Items: Additional items to consider inspecting include air filters, fluids and coolant, brakes, belts, and wheel alignment.

For more information about recommended Volvo maintenance, feel free to contact McKevitt Volvo Cars at your convenience. If your Volvo car, SUV, or wagon is due for service, we invite you to schedule an appointment and visit us in San Leandro. We'll be happy to assist you.

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