At McKevitt Volvo Cars in San Leandro, we know choosing to purchase or lease a Volvo is an easy decision. Volvo vehicles are renowned around the globe for their meticulous engineering and cutting-edge features. But which incredible Volvo style and model will you choose? That may be a tougher decision, but we're here to help.

At our Marina Boulevard dealership, we carry a large assortment of the latest brand-new Volvo models, and our team of sales professionals knows the ins and outs on every single one, to help our customers like you make the right decision for their needs. Whether you're torn between the Volvo S60 sedan or the Volvo XC60 crossover, the Volvo S90 or the Volvo XC90, we want to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Volvo Sedans

The classic style and tradition of a sedan goes back decades. Generations of drivers have gravitated towards sedans because of their user-friendly four-door design that seats five people, their easy drivability, and their secure trunk space that keeps cargo away from prying eyes.

If you're in the market for a sedan, we have two incredible options in stock - the compact Volvo S60 and the midsized Volvo S90. Both are powerful and comfortable, and both have a hybrid option available. For comparison's sake, here is a quick by-the-numbers glance at these two cars:

  • The Volvo S60 has 11.6 cubic feet of cargo space and is 56.6 inches tall
  • The Volvo S90 has 13.5 cubic feet of space in the trunk and is 57.1 inches tall

Volvo SUVs

Of course, it's no secret that many drivers in the San Leandro area prefer the space and style of a nice SUV these days, and Volvo has three great options available - the Volvo XC40, Volvo XC60, and Volvo XC90. Like their sedan relatives, these Volvo models are powerful, refined, and have fuel-efficient powertrain options. But a glance at their numbers will illustrate the major differences between the two. Our SUVs have larger and more flexible cargo holds, and our SUV lineup is taller, with a higher ground clearance.

  • The Volvo XC40 has 20.7 cubic feet of cargo space and is 65.3 inches tall
  • The Volvo XC60 holds 29.7 cubic feet and is 65.3 inches tall
  • The Volvo XC60 accommodates 41.8 cubic feet and is 69.9 inches tall

Test Drive Your Favorites in San Leandro

The best way to determine which Volvo style and model is right for you is a test drive. Browse our complete collections of new and used vehicle inventory to learn more about the options we have in stock, and reach out to our team to arrange your appointment to meet your favorites soon.