New Year’s resolutions you make for your car are probably not that much different from the ones you make for yourself. Staying healthy and fit, improving your outlook, and spending less on upkeep can all apply to how you maintain your vehicle. This year, dedicate some resolutions to keeping your Volvo performing at its best.

Spend Less On Unnecessary Things

You can actually save money by regularly maintaining your car, because you’ll catch problems in the early stage before they become expensive, like uneven tire wear that if left too long might require you to buy a whole new set. Regular rotations avoid surprise blowouts or flats and keep you from spending money repairing or replacing them. Oil changes are another area where an investment in upkeep will pay off in avoiding big expenditures in the long term. Your engine ages more quickly when your oil is dirty, and it also performs less efficiently, costing you more in gas money.

If you still owe money on your vehicle, you can dedicate this year to paying as much of the principal as possible, saving yourself some extra cash on interest. Your vehicle is an asset, so dedicating time, effort and money toward caring for it this year will always reward you in both the short and long term.

Keep It Clean

Your vehicle’s appearance is something you can enjoy right away. A fresh wash and wax can make you proud of your ride, but a clean car can also reveal any tiny nicks or imperfections you can address before they become patches of rust that are expensive to fix. It’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s exterior every couple of months during one of your regular car wash sessions; you can also check your tire pressure at the same time.

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