Your used car is worth a lot to us: We can prove it in a matter of minutes

Because of the global vehicle shortages and our many customers who want a good used car, we're making the highest cash and trade-in offers in our history. And that's a long history: We opened our first dealership in 1926 and we're the oldest Volvo dealer in the country. You can find out the amazingly high value of your car right away. Just use our trade-in form for an immediate quote or call us at 866-979-4253.

Selling your car to us is way easier than selling it yourself

At McKevitt Volvo Cars in San Leandro, CA, we will buy your quality pre-owned car, truck or SUV in a heartbeat and pay you a lot for it, even if you don't buy a car from us. That will be much better than trying to sell it to a private party. First, it's faster: Buyers from Oakland or Fremont, CA can get usually get a check the same day. We'll take care of paying off the loan on your present car if there's still a balance. That saves you both time and trouble.

More ways we make it easier while paying you a bunch of money

Selling a car yourself means spending the time and money to totally clean your car, repair it, write an ad, take photos and hope the buyer's check doesn't bounce after he drives off with your car. When you sell to us, we do all the paperwork so all you do is sign and accept our large check. You don't have to buy here but if you want to, we'll give you an awesome trade-in value. And you won't worry about a check from a 96-year-old family business.

See us soon: Today's high cash and trade-in values won't last forever

We encourage you to consider selling your quality used car to us soon and take advantage of this very unusual opportunity. In all our long history, we've never seen anything like today's used car "seller's market" and frankly, we know it may not last much longer. Discover the high value of your used car, then bring it with your title, keys and any loan balance info. Make the most of today's market at McKevitt Volvo in San Leandro, CA.

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